Meet the Original Utterly Otters!

100 Legends of UOG and

228 UOG exists!


Otter on fire

Once upon a time, there was an otter..

The otter wanted to build his own kingdom. To be a brave king, he went on an adventure with his otter friends. He defeated fish, shrimps and clams. Some friends got bit by zombie, he never gave up. He succeeded in claiming a shark tooth and granting himself a nice shark costume. The otter even acquired a mystery magic of fire and ice, helping friends coming back to the life. Finally, the otter and friends were able to defeat the Shark King, “Krahs”. It was the time that the era of the Otter Kingdom has started.

...Long time has passed since then, yet the legacy of the otter is still alive that the otters have become the strongest specie on the Planet Otty. The kingdom now has been changed to the Utterly Otters Group, aka UOG. Not only they are brave, but wise and smart. UOG is the biggest group on the Planet Otty where magic and science coexist!

Otter in shark
Otter zombie
Otter on fire
Otter in ice

The Ottorious Roadmap

Discover what is happening in the Utterly Otters Group! Are you ready to join our journey?

Phase 1
Otters To the World

Creation of the UOG NFTs

Random Giveaways

Q4 2021
Phase 2
Otters To the Moon

Public Mint Goes Live

Rarity Chart Released

Q4 2021
Phase 3
Otters Forever

Secondary Market Listing

Legendary Otters Auction

Q4 2021
Phase 4
Otters Strong Together

Born of the Otter DAO

Build for the Future

Q1 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Total 228 randomly generated otters, and 100 legends gif otters!

Mint is over, and there are only 228 otters exists! There will be a new collection named "Legends of Otters" that is only sold through auction in holaplex!

Because we are cute!

I really mean it! Months have passed since SOL NFTs have been emerging, and now there are so many projects that claim to have utilities, coins and whatnot. While there are many great projects out there, most of them are just words that have never been kept. I wouldn’t make false promises that I cannot guarantee and create a coin that does not have any utility to just pump the price for few hours. Instead, I will go back to classic and old school. Make a cool pixel art collection that people would love to have, and, more importantly, make a strong community.

Nothing's set in stone, and I really meant that I do not want to make false promises, but one thing that I can promise is that I would be dedicated to the project. I will have UOG as my PFP for my personal SNS, keep shilling and be daily active on UOG twitter. I will also be on the discord most of the time and chat as many as I can. I worked as a developer for a couple of years, and now I am a daily trader and NFT investor. Meaning that I DO have time to be active and try to be seen on SNS. As long as there are otters that are willing to make a strong community, I will support the community and try my best to make UOG one of the greatest PFP on the Solana blockchain. You have my word.

UOG will eventually form a DAO when the time comes. Then, I will try my best to meet the needs of DAO. Subject will be decided via voting (for the best result, human judgement might get involved). However, for now, let us focus on creating a strong community with our cute and cool PFP, utterly otters!

And the final note from the UOG team..

This is all I have for FAQs. As a daily trader and NFT investor, I would do my best to succeed in this field as well, so people would recognize UOG in the future. I will also continue to find individuals who can be additions to UOG community, and do giveaways carefully. Thanks for reading, and love you all!